Love Your Body

{ranai} I love when my 8-5 job intersects with my Qute Hoots life! For the past few years at University of the Pacific, our department has organized and sponsored a "Love Your Body" Week. There are numerous events each day that promote healthy living and positive body image. We get the opportunity to impact our … Continue reading Love Your Body


Qute Hoots in 2014

{ranai} I think 2013 felt like a really blessed year for Qute Hoots! We did some incredily fun projects and parties and even got paid for some (a huge step for us!). I know I expanded my craft making skills and organizational abilities. And since 2013 was a year of learning, I hope that 2014 … Continue reading Qute Hoots in 2014

Busy Busy Busy…

Hey everyone! Wanted to let everyone know we've been busy, busy, busy making fabulous new cards. The holidays are just around the corner so we've been working hard creating new cards just for you! It's a blast getting to work on creative projects and sharing them with you...and the best part is I get to … Continue reading Busy Busy Busy…

Open for business

Jessica and I met our sophomore year in college at Pacific. I instantly thought she seemed like a nice girl... she instantly thought I was a meanie who scowled a lot (I have facial expression issues when I'm concentrating). After being in a long-term group project together, our bond began to strengthen. As marketing majors … Continue reading Open for business