Qute Hoots in 2014


I think 2013 felt like a really blessed year for Qute Hoots! We did some incredily fun projects and parties and even got paid for some (a huge step for us!). I know I expanded my craft making skills and organizational abilities. And since 2013 was a year of learning, I hope that 2014 is a year of DOING.

Here are my goals:
Try new crafts! First on deck- a tassel garland for a bridal shower. I picked up a bunch of gold and silver tissue paper on Christmas clearance to practice. I’m crossing my fingers that it turns out well.

Blog more! We are kinda pathetic about blogging regularly. We tend to get stuck on wanting it to be AMAZING so we don’t always put up simple posts about what’s going on in our lives.

Travel! Since Jessica has moved to one of the most beautiful places in the world, I want to make sure I get over there at least once per month. There are a million cool spots to visit. One day trip I want to take is a drive up the coast with a stop in Half Moon Bay and then dinner in San Francisco. Hopefully we’ll get a road trip through the south with some time in Tennessee. I seriously can’t get enough of that southern food and hospitality.

This pic was from New Year’s day just a few minutes from her house…so amazing!

santa cruz beach

Make healthy choices! Last year I changed my way of eating and made exercise a priority. I’ve lost around 40 pounds and would love that much more this year to get to my final goal. I can’t wait to be in the “healthy” category on the doctor charts!

Overall I just want to spend 2014 with lots of laughter, crafts, family and friend time. A new job would be a plus, but I’m also semi-content with the gig I have 🙂


Wow…another year has come and gone and man did it fly by! Like Ranai said, it was a GREAT year for QuteHoots! We were able to accomplish so many new things this year that proved to us that we could handle a lot more than we thought, which feels amazing 🙂

My goals for this year are the following:

Get out of the house more! Working from home is pretty darn awesome, but sometimes I forget that I live in such an amazing place that I forget to go outside! The view from my deck is a-m-a-z-i-n-g so I will try to work from there more often. I will also try and explore my town on the weekends so I can get out of my yoga pants every now and then…which my husband will most definitely thank me for 🙂

Journal/Scrapbook more! I love, love, love to journal/scrapbook but hate to admit it’s been put on the back burner lately. I have tons of journals/collage books/scrapbooks from high school and college that i love to go through every now and then and relive those memories…both good and bad. I want to get back in the habit of that, which is why for Christmas, I got some awesome materials that will help get me back in that journal-ing mood!

Journaling Supplies!

Blog WAY more! Ok, so my goals are very similar to Ranai’s but i know i need to work on this one. I have a problem with trying to get these blogs to perfection and let’s be real: I’ll be waiting FOREVER for that to happen 🙂 I will definitely focus on blogging new things whether it’s a cool project, new tool or just a picture of something neat! I will get it out there!

Start up my vinyl collection! My husband recently bought me a cute little record player as a “cheer Up” gift on very stressful day. I’ve wanted one for my craft/kitchen area for parties and general merriment. I only own one record to date so my goal is to hit up the thrifts, yard sales and perhaps my dad’s collection 😀 to grow my super-awesome record collection!

Throw more themed parties! That’s right, i want to try new recipes, food and drink, and invite family and friends to enjoy them! I LOVE throwing themed parties and need to practice my hostess skills so, why not throw a party?!?

I am ready for you 2014!  I am ready for the new adventures and new opportunities, but most of all, i am ready to spend an amazing year with family and friends…and MANY hours in my craft room!

Happy New Years from QuteHoots!!!


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