Make a Giant Character!

{ranai} Last Thanksgiving my mom and I purchased a Silhouette Cameo to share (and mayyyybe only I use it). I've been having a blast creating all sorts of crafty things with this amazing gadget. One of those things is a giant (kid sized) cut-out of Minnie with layered cardstock and foam board that I made … Continue reading Make a Giant Character!

DIY low table seating by Qute Hoots

DIY Low Seating

{ranai} For our A Feast for Dorne party we really wanted to have a low seating area to give an exotic flair. We put our thinking caps on and came up with the following: Start with a heavy and solid enough base to support your table top. I had these cinder blocks which worked perfectly. … Continue reading DIY Low Seating

Magical Harry Potter Bridal Shower

{ranai} My friend Denia came to me a few weeks ago and asked for help with a bridal shower. Her proposed theme was purple and orange, the color of the bride's wedding. I pride myself on being somewhat knowledgeable about wedding etiquette, so I immediately told her that her plan was a no-go. You can't … Continue reading Magical Harry Potter Bridal Shower

Love Your Body

{ranai} I love when my 8-5 job intersects with my Qute Hoots life! For the past few years at University of the Pacific, our department has organized and sponsored a "Love Your Body" Week. There are numerous events each day that promote healthy living and positive body image. We get the opportunity to impact our … Continue reading Love Your Body

Paper Medallion Tutorial

{ranai} My most often requested d├ęcor for any party is always paper medallions...always! The first time I made them it seemed like it took forever and my hands hurt like heck. Now I can whip out dozens super quickly. It really is a practice makes perfect kind of craft! You don't need a lot of … Continue reading Paper Medallion Tutorial

Part 4: maD haTTer pHoto booTh…tips, tricks and how To’s!

[jeSsiCa & raNai] [R] When we started planning this party, we agreed that we needed to have a stellar photo area since costumes were required. We threw around ideas about a giant mural, but that just didn't fit and would be really time-consuming. I was mindlessly browsing Pinterest one day, and I stumbled upon this … Continue reading Part 4: maD haTTer pHoto booTh…tips, tricks and how To’s!

Part 3: Mad haTTer deSsert taBle…yuMmy goodies!

{ranai} I tend to have a really hard time reigning myself in when it comes to a dessert table. Luckily for me, when you're throwing a Mad Hatter party, more is more! Normally on top of all of the decor for a party, I also attempt to bake everything myself. I've realized this isn't truly … Continue reading Part 3: Mad haTTer deSsert taBle…yuMmy goodies!