Game of Thrones – Winter Is Here Party

Game of thrones winter finale party



Is anyone else as bummed as I am that 2018 means no new Game of Thrones episodes? I’m having a hard time with waiting so long for the final season, so I thought I’d look back on our season 7 finale party!

When deciding the theme for this bash, I wanted to really focus on winter. The previous year felt a bit more like fall in decor, but as we all knew WINTER WAS HERE. I chose a color scheme of blues, white and silver with some black obsidian thrown in the mix.


The tree branches I’ve used before, but I made custom ornaments this year. A tree from the north would definitely have snowflakes and plenty of ravens. Thank goodness Hobby Lobby puts their Christmas items out in June so I was able to grab the snowflakes, confetti, table runner, and other odds and ends to create the perfect look.

I also made some dragon glass to fend off the white walkers. It was a super quick project spray painting icicle ornaments with high gloss black paint.


During the final moments of episode 6 we saw Viserion be resurrected and open his now blue eye. We knew the finale would be filled with wights and dragons fighting in the north, so I grabbed some skeletons from the dollar store and this amazing dragon. I would say, “Can you believe Andrew just had this dragon in his office???” But of course he did.

We decided to focus on desserts this year because cooking an elaborate meal was not going to happen since Andrew and Jess had a wee little one year old. We had powdered donuts, berry pie, blue cookies, cream puffs, and rice crispy treats. All of the childhood favs to console our sad hearts with whatever was coming our way.

I guess now I’ll just impatiently wait for the Season 8 release date so I can start planning our LAST Game of Thrones parties. Excuse me while I go cry now…

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