Open for business

Jessica and I met our sophomore year in college at Pacific. I instantly thought she seemed like a nice girl… she instantly thought I was a meanie who scowled a lot (I have facial expression issues when I’m concentrating). After being in a long-term group project together, our bond began to strengthen. As marketing majors we always talked about starting a design business together since that’s what we both have a passion for. We let life get in the way, and it never happened, until now. We have established Qute Hoots as an outlet for our creativity. We will be showcasing many types of products that will be able to be purchased from us. Our main focus right now is greeting cards, but we also make plushies, felted items, baked goods, and more. If you see something you’d like to buy, let us know and we’ll make one especially for you. If you have an occasion you need something unique for, we can create it with your favorite colors and interests in mind.

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