Meet Ranai & Jessica

Jessica and Ranai
Jessica Geertsen and Ranai Koch

Qute Hoots was created by two girls with a dash of moxie and a sprinkle of inspiration. We have been best friends since college, and do best when working together! We love being crafty {Ranai} and artsy {Jess}! We started out making greeting cards and have transformed into an event planning business.

We make crafts and cards, plan parties, and do simple floral services. Have a special request? Send us an email at We’d love to hear from you!

Follow Ranai Koch and Jessica Geertsen on Instagram: @ranaik and @orangehappy or on Pinterest (Ranai)  Pinterest (Jessica)!


  1. Hi ladies, I am the mother of the bride. She Loves Harry Potter, in fact became engaged the night after she went to Harry Potter world! I’m working with daughter in laws to put on a Harry Potter shower. I am freaking out! It’s in 1 month…I just saw your Pinterest site!!!
    All I can say is Thank you for sharing! You are both so so creative! I love how you organized it and hope I can re-create some of your ideas…probably not as well, but I’ll sure try!

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