Part 3: Mad haTTer deSsert taBle…yuMmy goodies!


Mad Hatter dessert table

I tend to have a really hard time reigning myself in when it comes to a dessert table. Luckily for me, when you’re throwing a Mad Hatter party, more is more!

Normally on top of all of the decor for a party, I also attempt to bake everything myself. I’ve realized this isn’t truly feasible, so this go round I only made the cupcakes since you can’t buy confetti cakes at any of our local bakeries… and Jessica must have confetti cupcakes (that was even her wedding cake!). I made the custom cupcake toppers using tea set chipboard pieces I found in a little scrapbook store in Temecula, CA. I painted them to match the color scheme and added a few “30” labels that I printed from my computer and cut out using a small heart punch. Just in case somebody didn’t like confetti cakes (not that I could understand that possibility) I also made chocolate cupcakes. Those I decorated with Alice blue chocolate shavings and red hearts. Jessica made the Eat Me toppers by printing the words on ivory paper, using a punch to cut the shape, and inked the edges.

Mad Hatter cupcakes from Qute Hoots

For the rest of the desserts I gathered up my stash of stands. Most of these I have made using candlesticks glued to plates with E6000 glue. Here’s a good tutorial if you haven’t already tried it. I used the same method for my labels as I did the cupcake toppers, then I used a white sharpie to write the name of the dessert.

The delectable treats were: custom iced sugar cookies in tea cup and tea pot shapes, mini cinnamon rolls, petite brownie bites, coconut macaroons, fruit squares, oreos, sour watermelons, peanut butter M&Ms, and starburst jelly beans. I thought ahead and got the candies at Easter so I could get the brighter colors that would match the theme.

Mad Hatter desserts

Since we planned on having the food and dessert table side by side, I made a backdrop that fit behind both. I used my trusty PVC pipe frame that my dad made me, and hung streamers from the top pole. Note to self- outdoor parties and dangling streamers is a no no! Even with a slight breeze the streamers were getting all tangled. We tried to tape them down, but it was kind of a hot mess. Live and learn!

The banner I made in photoshop. I used font Janda Stylish Script for the Merry Unbirthday and layered in black and white illustrations from the book we purchased for our table runner. I printed it on white card stock and backed it with Kraft paper you can find in large packs at any craft store. I glued twine to the top of each square for hanging. Jessica liked it so much she still has it hanging in her apartment 🙂

Download it here to have one for your own Unbirthday party: MadHatterBanner

mad hatter banner

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