Game of Thrones Party


They say that in the Game of Thrones, you win…or you die…buuuuuuuuut we don’t want to be so dramatic so no one was hurt during this event 🙂

Welcome to our Game of Thrones finale party post! Ranai and I were introduced to this amazing book series by my husband, Andrew. I have to say, we were reluctant to start this series but we both decided to give it a chance. All I can say is WOW! George R. R. Martin’s series A Song of Ice and Fire has captured our attention and has left us begging for more! This popular series has been adapted into a tv series by HBO and they are doing an amazing job bringing this wonderful world of Westeros to life. Take a look at how we said goodbye to season 3!

1. Delicious Food!

Game of Foods!

A Feast for Crows

For the  menu, we visited Inn at the Crossroads for some ideas inspired by the book series. There were so many delicious recipes it was hard to choose, but we decided on items that were easy and delicious! We started with appetizers: salami, brie, pita crackers, grapes, boiled eggs and of course…a cheese wall made with cheddar and jack cheese. The main course consisted of a rotisserie chicken, roasted potatoes & veggies, a crisp salad and baked bread, so good. Finally, my favorite part of this meal, were the desserts 🙂 Mmmm-mm! Lemon cakes and beheaded cake pops were a hit!

2. Decorations!

Dothraki Decor!

Dragon Decor!

As soon as we decided we were going to have a Game of Thrones party, we hit the thrifts! We wanted to give the party a “Lannister” feel, which is the royal family of the series. We used very warm, red tones with a lot of gold pieces to make it look like a royal feast. We bought small jars to create items from the book: milk of the poppy, tears of lys and wildfire as well as bought small plastic figurines and spray painted them to match the book’s house sigils. Let’s not forget one of the most well-known things about this series…the DRAGONS! Ranai worked really hard and created these awesome dragon eggs made out of styrafoam eggs and small cut out paper circles! We displayed them in an old trunk I had at the house to make it look like the treasure they are. Again, if you haven’t read these books or watched the show, Ranai and I most definitely suggest you do 🙂

3. Fun with Food!

If you don’t know already, one thing about me is that I LOVE themed parties! I asked all of the guests to wear their favorite Game of Thrones t-shirt for an easy way to add to the party theme. We wanted to showcase the house sigils from the series and the house words, so Ranai printed out some pre-made house banners and I created a simple scroll for each house’s words. We put them on skewers and placed them in the cupcakes we made which worked out great! For more ideas and pre-designed templates to use, search Pinterest for different projects and decor ideas. Click our Game of Thrones Party Board here for more suggestions.

Hope you enjoyed our trip down Westeros Lane…where you keep your friends close but your enemies closer. Stay tuned for our Game of Thrones season 4 premier party coming up in April, and remember, Winter is Coming!

we HEART game of thrones

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