Tea for Two – A Downton Abbey Viewing Party

tea for two downton abbey party


I love all things about the British peerage…seriously. When I discovered Downton Abbey, I was completely smitten! It is a beautifully executed piece of television. The only aspect I don’t like is that each season is only 8 episodes plus a Christmas special. It goes by way too fast!

Since no occasion is too small to create a beautiful party, for the season 4 premier Jessica and I decided to have afternoon tea with special treats before we settled in to catch up with Mr. Bates, Carson, Mary, and the rest of our favorite characters.

tea for two downton abbey party

Since it was just the two of us, we set up a little trunk and chairs in the front garden. The day was slightly overcast and felt perfectly British. We had tea from Teavana and pastries from Kelly’s French Bakery in Santa Cruz.

tea for two downton abbey party

Jessica’s mother-in-law, Nancy, is the best junker around. Most of the items we used for the set-up were sprinkled throughout the front garden. The table cloth was my great-grandmother’s, the tea cups I found at a little thrift, and the tea pot and dessert stand were Jessica’s.

tea for two- ranai

Because this was a British tea, we got dressed up for the occasion. Pearls were a must for both of us, and I got to wear my fascinator that I received for Christmas. Pinkies up!

tea for two- ranai

We had a lot of fun, as you can see from the expression on my face!


This was our first time eating macarons. We LOVED them so much! The strawberry flavor with fresh whipped cream and sliced strawberries was by far our favorite. If you’re ever in Santa Cruz and would like to enjoy one of the delicious treats, go to Kelly’s French Bakery!

kellys frenchbakery

After enjoying our spot of tea, we took the party inside to watch the episode. What was your favorite moment?


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