Ramon’s Retirement Fiesta!!!


As Ranai and I catch up on the parties that we’ve hosted this summer, it’s my turn to share one of my favorites: my Dad’s Retirement Fiesta! Music, Marigolds and of course…Mustaches!! Here’s a glimpse into this color-filled party and some of the decorations we made for the event!

Loteria Table Runners

1. Loteria Centerpieces: I wanted to make the centerpieces super fun and colorful while keeping the cost low. I bought the large sized loteria game sets at my local flea market for about $4 for a pack of 20 cards. Then I used this piñata technique with wrapping tissue I bought at Wal*Mart in bright color packs. This is an easy way to make everything Fiesta-Style. We used different colored marigolds that were in season and very inexpensive at Home Depot! Put some peanuts in a bowl and called it a great centerpiece!

Paper Banner

2. Cut Paper Banner: As soon as we decided on a theme for this party I knew I wanted to incorporate the great look and feel of a Mexican block party. There are various tutorials out there to make these festive banners but I used this template. Super easy to make and it adds SO much ambiance!


3. General Decorations: This party was held at my parents house, in their very lovely and lush backyard. It has beautiful trees and a glistening pool so that really added to the decor. To make it a real fiesta, I gathered little trinkets and knick knacks I had around my house, my parents house and anywhere I could think of. Many of the decorations are from Mexico gathered from various trips taken to Mexico to visit family. It’s definitely a PLUS having family in Mexico 🙂 Aside from cultural souvenirs, Ranai made her awesome paper medallions that helped bring color to the eating area. That little parrot hanging out there is my mother’s from a trip of hers to Puerto Vallarta…sure came in handy! We used a Mexican blanket and a duvet cover for table cloths, along with a Happy Retirement banner to set up the food staging area.

Paper Flowers

4. Paper flowers: These are simple decorations that, though they take a little bit of time, add a LOT to the scene. I used this paper tutorial to get the shape of the flowers i wanted and just went from there. I bought stacks of tissue paper and gave my 3 sisters and my mom some work to do! We started months in advance and ended up with hundreds of flowers that added a special feel to the yard. Fake flowers=fun flowers!

fiesta decor collage

Again, this was one of my favorite parties we’ve thrown overall. We had live music which added that much more to the feel of a Mexican block party which is exactly what we wanted. Add to that bright, fun colors and we have ourselves a fabulous event. With some planning and hand made crafts started early, you can really pull off an extraordinary party. A special thanks to my family who really helped with set up and gave us all so many ideas to work with. We pulled off a great one…’til next time!


Jessica and Ranai

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