Lil’ Pumpkin Fall Baby Shower


Lil Pumpkin Baby Shower

My friend, Evette (aka the Nana), asked me to help her out with a baby shower for her (practically) daughter-in-law, Tati. She envisioned it being in the beginning of January with a white, silver, aqua and pink “snow baby” theme. Due to timing of family being able to be in NorCal, the date was changed to the Saturday after Thanksgiving. Since it doesn’t get very cold here until January, a wintry theme would not suffice! We changed it to a “Lil’ Pumpkin” theme and were so happy with the adorable and bright shower that we created.

I think she thought I was a little nutty when I told her the colors would be green, yellow, orange, purple and brown. Tati already had the traditional pastel and pink shower for her first little girl, so I wanted this concept to be really different. Since these are some of my favorite colors, I had a lot of little elements that would fit the theme, like these apple buckets and the beyond charming little leafy owls.

Lil Pumpkin Baby Shower Decor

As each individual arrived, they were asked to sign a onesie for the guest book which was then used for the door prize. My dad made the frame out of leftover solid wood crown molding we had at the house. Loved this! I can’t wait to use it again 😀

Lil Pumpkin oneside display

The table décor was really adorable. Nana bought fancy pretzels from a friend and I created a Thank You tag for each one. I took basic paper placemats from the party store and stamped a pumpkin in each corner. We used jelly jars with votives around a hollowed out pumpkin filled with mums and baby’s breath for the centerpieces. It was all fairly inexpensive, but had amazing pops of color!

Lil Pumpkin Shower table decor

My favorite part of all events is the sweets table. This one was no exception! I made the medallion board first… and let me tell you, this was some work! I tend to forget how many medallions it takes to make it look really filled in. This one was over 70 I think! Our desserts included: reese’s pieces, sour patch kids, junior mints, kisses, gummy bears, citrus cupcakes, and pumpkin cupcakes.

Lil Pumpkin dessert table

I decorated the fireplace area to bring the theme into the family room as well. I made a felt bow garland, covered a foam board with fabric, and added a few accents. The heart is brown felt with an embroidered heart on it, and the S is a chipboard letter wrapped with twine. We piled some pumpkins in front with baby’s breath mixed in.

Lil Pumpkin fireplace mantle

Nana arranged a delicious lunch for the party. She had catered ravioli’s, bread, and salad. We kept the beverages simple with sparkling lemonade and cucumber infused water.

Lil Pumpkin food

This shower was so fresh, bright, and fun! The fonts I used for the printables were Champagne and Limosines and Janda Elegant Handwriting.

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