DIY Cupcake Picks

{from Ranai}

cupcake pick

I have a quick and easy project for even the most craft illiterate person! We’ve all seen those cute cupcake picks at every party store and all the fun etsy shops, but they are kinda pricey for two pieces of paper with a toothpick smooshed in between. I make them myself for most parties I host that involve cupcakes so they can be exactly what I want and match my theme.

Right now I’m working on a pretty purple bridal shower, and I’d like to share what I designed! Check out the PDF downloads below to save your own copies.

1. Decide what shape you will be cutting. I wanted to use a fancy label from spellbinders, but if you don’t have specialized tools you can just cut them out as a square or rectangle. Another option is to use a punch.
2. Measure the size of the shape you will be cutting out.
3. On your computer make your sayings in the font of your choice. Don’t want a saying? Add clip art or a picture of the person you are celebrating. Make sure whatever you design fits the shape you will cut.
4. Fill an entire page with your design, leaving space around each so you have enough room to cut them out.
5. Print as many pages as you need. Keep in mind you will need two of each so you can glue them together with the toothpick in between.
6. Cut everything out.
7. Using a permanent adhesive tape runner or xyron machine, put plenty of tape on each back side of the cut outs.
8. Sandwich the toothpick between both papers, ensuring both sides are securely adhered to the toothpick so it isn’t loose enough to fall out.

Voila! Here’s mine:


On the invitation I used the fonts champagne and limousines and lavanderia regular. I carried those through for these cuties. You can make a design in word, publisher, photoshop, or even use a small stamp.

I used the cuttlebug to cut out labels one from spellbinders.


Then I used a dauber to ink the edges in purple to make them stand out a bit more.

Here are all of the phrases I used:


If you’d like to just download mine, here they are for FREE (I’m nice like that)!
i do


happily ever after

forever and always

from miss to mrs.

bride to be

Cupcake toppers can be as simple or as elaborate as you want, and with just a little bit of time and a tiny bit of money you can have something truly unique for your own event!


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