Color Scheme Ring


Jessica and I are doing projects for our first wedding as professionals. Since we are located in separate cities and will most likely be shopping apart, we needed a way to keep the color scheme at hand. This easy project is mostly FREE and takes just a couple of minutes, but will save you a lot of headaches. Give one to any person who might be involved in picking items for your event so everything will truly coordinate properly!


Step 1: Go to a home improvement store and pick the appropriate paint chips (they’re free!)
Step 2: Get your tools together. You’ll need a decent sized punch or scissors, a single hole punch and a binder ring (or piece of ribbon)
Step 3: Punch or cut the chips to be the same size. Punch a single hole through all of the colors. Fasten the colors together with a binder clip.
Step 4: Put a ring in your purse and give copies to whoever you feel needs one!

One comment

  1. Those are MY wedding colors!! 😀
    So exciting to see details of my wedding on your blog! Hiring Quite Hoots was the BEST decision I’ve made, second only to deciding to say “yes” to the proposal 😉
    The idea of using paint samples, to accurately describe a color palette, is brilliant! I’ve got my swatches in my purse too 🙂 just one of many great ideas I never could’ve come up with, without your clever, crafty minds on the job! ❤

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