Monogram Letters

It’s a new week with a new craft! I’ve been showing you my projects for the pretty purple bridal shower that are fairly quick and easy…. Well this one isn’t either of those.

This can be a pretty easy and inexpensive project to complete, but I didn’t take that route. I made it wayyyyyyy more complicated than it needed to be!


Sturdy foam board (I bought mine from Dollar Tree, but it was a little flimsy)
Exacto knife
Embellishments to cover the board such as ribbon, paper, fabric, etc.
Hot glue or other adhesive appropriate for your embellishments

Step 1:
Draw the letter on the board. If you will be setting the letter on a flat surface, make sure the bottom edges are even. I’m not great at drawing so I let someone do that for me, but I could have enlarged my favorite font and printed it in a tiled format to trace on the board or used a projector.

Make sure you draw the letter with enough width so the finished product is stable.

Step 2:
Cut the letter out with an exacto knife. I made sure to use a cutting mat so I didn’t cut into my table, which would’ve been bad (I know because I’ve done this before…a couple of times).

I like the fiskars fingertip craft knife that they sell at most craft stores. It’s only a few dollars, and it gives you a lot more control.

Step 3:
Embellish! I originally had this amazing idea to cover the letter in paper in an ombre pattern. In my mind it was going to look like those gorgeous purple ombre cakes. Epic fail! It was so ugly I couldn’t even look at it. I switched tracks and decided to cover it in fabric flowers.

This is where the crazy kicks in. Each letter took DOZENS of flowers. Each flower required me to cut out five 2″ circles. Tons of work, but completely worth it to me!

Here’s how I made the flowers, which I just hot glued all over the board.


Get out your tools! I used a rotary cutter to cut 3″ squares of white muslin. For a 20″ M and H I needed about 5-6 yards of fabric. That’s not a typo! It takes a toooooooon of fabric to make enough flowers to cover large letters.

Then I used an accuquilt circle die that my dad cut down by 1/4″ so it would fit in my Big Shot. I stacked about 8 squares together to cut at a time, which worked pretty well. You need two acrylic plates and the silicone rubber accessory to make it cut all the way through.

Some people do these types of projects by hand. In the words of Sweet Brown, “Ain’t nobody got time for that!” Well, maybe you have the time and patience for that, but I couldn’t do this without the right tools!


Fold each circle in half and then in half again until you have a triangle. Put a small bit of hot glue on the edge to keep it together.


Glue the triangle on a scrap of fabric.


Work your way around until 4 triangles are glued down to make a circle.


Put some glue in the center.


Place one triangle directly into the glue, keeping it mostly upright.


Using a very small amount of glue, adhere each of the four triangles to the upright triangle.


All finished with one!


Glue the flowers to the board ensuring there is no space between each flower. If there is a tiny bit of space somewhere, just glue a single triangle into the hole.

Here are a couple of other letters I’ve done in the past:


This one is covered in strips of ribbon.


This set for Jessica’s shower was a patchwork of scraps of paper and hearts I cut using a Cricut.


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